Tuesday, June 10, 2008



So what might Meganekko mean? To put it simply "glasses girl"


Megane for glasses and ko for girl. So meganekko is a girl who wears glasses.


The stereotypical meganekko in anime usually tends to be one or most of the following: smart, bookworm, polite, strict, follows the rules, class president, geekish, prudish, friendly. Most of these will be used to enhance the characters traits.



But those traits are not always followed in anime and defiantly not in real life.




And what do we have here? Hmmm could it be Meganekko nekomimi :p


Would this one be called a Meido(it means maid but we will get to that another time) meganekko nekomimi


Sandbar said...

Meganekko nekomimi LOL.

Wow - this is another AMAZING blog entry, dude!

I have learned so much! So did you already know all this stuff, or did you research it just prior to your entry?

I need to do something with my blog - I'm losing all my fans. Both of them! lol

I really love the pics too. So cute, and makes me want to follow up the anime that they're from.

Thanks again, man! Great job!

KnoxSe7eN said...

Thanks Sandbar

I knew some of it before like the names sakura, tanuki, kemonomimi, megane. I learned most from A-P and from anime. But with the history on the Tanuki and the Sakura I learned ALOT when I did the research.

NomadicWriter said...

I loove Meganekko's I find them adorable! lol, one of my favourites is Kita, Michiru from Zombie-Loan!

KnoxSe7eN said...

I have seen Zombie Loan so I know who you are talking about. She is a cute meganekko :D

Anonymous said...

good post. my favorite meganekko is Yomiko Readman aka "The Paper" from Read or Die.

KnoxSe7eN said...

Thank ya, I have not seen read or die in forever......Now off to watch it :p

vampiressannie said...

Hello, I have a question about the first picture you've included in this blog. The girl with the purple hair... what is her name, by chance?? My friends and I are attending Youmacon in Oct. and I need a character who has glasses... she's PERFECT for me, but alas I cannot seem to figure out who she is. I was hoping you could help me out? Anything would be appreciated^_^ merci beaucoup *Annie*

KnoxSe7eN said...
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KnoxSe7eN said...

It is Rider from Fate/Stay Night ^_^