Wednesday, June 4, 2008



I am sure you all have seem them in plenty of anime's. But may have been unaware of what they are called. Well you guessed it those cute anime girls with the animal ears and tails are called Kemonomimi. Kemonomimi meaning animal ears. Kemonomimi characters normally appear for the most part human with some animal traits like Horo from Spice and Wolf pictured above and below.


Horo is considered  okamimimi > Wolf


Then we have the common nekomimi > Cat


usamimi > Rabbit


inumimi > Dog


kitsunemimi > Fox 


You will find more but that covers what you will normally see.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that! I've learned something today. hooray. That's something I've always thought was strange (off-putting at first, but not anymore) about a lot of anime. One of the first few shows I watched was Tsukuyomi Moonphase and I was like "okay...I get that she's a vampire...but what's w/ the cat ears?" I thought that it was totally bizarre and emailed the OP to a bunch of my friends (okay, the OP still cracks me up). Now that I've seen more anime the nekomimi makes more sense- it's just another cutsie look.

NomadicWriter said...

lol, love it, great post!

KnoxSe7eN said...

Dusty I really enjoyed Tsukuyomi Moonphase. Yeah that opening is funny. Nekomimi mode lol

Thanks Nomad I am trying to be somewhat original. Not that easy lol

Sandbar said...

You know, I had no idea there was a name for it! I geniunely learn something new about anime every day. lol

I'm glad there are blogs like this that I can read (I'm new to reading blogs and doing blogs as well as anime! lol), so it's always fascinating cause everything is so new!

Keep up the great work, Adam!

KnoxSe7eN said...

Thanks Sanbar

I only found out recently the name Kemonomimi. I had heard of nekomimi and seen tons of shows with kemonomimis. But it does not seem to be as widely known term as nekomimi.

So I learned something new too on anime this week :)

Anonymous said...

Cool, I didn't even know that and I love those sorts of characters! XD

Thanks for sharing. :)