Monday, July 28, 2008

Wall Scrolls

  I went to a somewhat local Flea market to check out a vendors stock who carries a few things anime. Well I ended up with a few wall scrolls. Which are a good size at around 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 foot.





Also picked up another Anime Magazine. I have been trying to decide which to subscribe to. So I now picked up the two most popular that more fit my tastes. But to those of us here in the USA. We are very limited in what magazines on this subject we can easily obtain. Sure you could go through the trouble of importing an endless amount from Japan. But its very expensive and in Japanese. Which is great if you can read it. Sadly I cannot. Maybe in the future I will be able too.


NomadicWriter said...

ooooooh you did well! your lucky that you can subscribe you any magazines, im pretty sure theres no anime related ones i can subscribe to here in aus.. well that im aware of anyway lol.

Redd said...

Hey, the walls scrolls look neat. I have a Bleach one myself, and I'm looking to get more but haven't found just the right ones. Good luck with the magazines. :)