Tuesday, July 22, 2008

New Monitor


As some of you know my Birthday was July 17th. Had a great day. I went bowling and had a few good meals. Well my parents said they would buy me a new monitor. Awesome! So the search was on. I wanted a 24-inch and a good quality monitor with if possible a adjustable stand. So I checked out reviews and more importantly went and looked for myself(many times) I had the HP in mind as I own an HP computer and love it. But it seemed a bit high in the price. I really needed to get it from BestBuy so my choices were a bit limited. I checked out Acer which from playing around and ready reviews I would say is one of the best buys on the market. But sadly BestBuy did not carry it. They were out of the HP and said they would get another shipment Saturday. So I went back Saturday to pick it up but another monitor caught my eye. A 24-Inch Gateway which was a bit cheaper so I bought it. Got it home and it was not the same one I checked out in the store. No adjustment on the stand and a pixel was out. Not to mention the picture quality was not there. So I took it back. Picked up the HP and I am in love. If any of you are in the market in the same price range defiantly check it out. If you are looking for a killer deal check out Acer as I was impressed. On a side: When I took the monitor back to BestBuy they said "well I would still buy it" and put it back out as if nothing was wrong with it. I am appalled by this. That is not acceptable in the least. If I am buying a brand new anything there better not be anything wrong with it. Let alone should said product be put back out for another customer to buy. I also bought a VGA-DVI converter there and guess what it too was defective.


My setup at the moment. Sorry for the horrible pictures but I am feeling too lazy to care lol. I am finally running dual monitors. The monitor on the left is utter junk though.


My new keyboard I just bought Logitech G15.


Two anime magazines I picked up. Too bad I haven't had a chance to read any of the articles yet. They both seem of good quality.


I finally framed one of the posters I got at the con and put it on the wall :)

My room needs a paint job bad. I don't think it has been painted in more than 10 years. My room will drastically change here in the near future as I plan on building a loft bed myself to make more room.


Redd said...

Hey! Thanks for your comment on my blog; I agree that the Monk premier was disappointing (as I'm sure you read), and I used to watch Psych but stopped. Maybe I'll pick that up again. Anyway, happy belated birthday, and sweet computer set up, I especially like the keyboard. See ya around!

Anonymous said...

I'm so jealous of your new monitor!

KnoxSe7eN said...

Thank you, I love it but it's a pain to clean it without leaving streaks.