Friday, July 11, 2008

Animal Sounds

Might sound weird enough but how you might consider describing the sound a dog makes (woof woof, bark bark, ruff ruff) isn't what most Japanese would think. Nope, they normally will say Wan Wan.


You would think animal sounds would be universal but you would be wrong. Seems to be different all around the world.

Here is a somewhat small list of animal sounds from the Japanese point of view. Note may not be 100% accurate as sounds can be seen as a matter of opinion.

Dog Wan Wan
Cat Nyaa Nyaa
Pig Buu Buu
Rooster Kokekokko
Mouse Chuu Chuu
Sheep Mee Mee
Horse Hihiin
Frog Kero Kero
Chick Piyo Piyo
Bird Pii Pii
Crow Kar Kar
Duck Ga Ga
Owl Hoh Hoh


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Anonymous said...

I think that stuff's so interesting. animal noises is one of the things I always try to find out when I'm in a foreign country. Chicks say "pio pio" in a lot of Central America too.